Radio Pro Tracy G Wants To Be
  Your Shot of Inspiration

Radio Pro Tracy G Wants To Be Your Shot of Inspiration -
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Tap into your inner beast with the radio edutainer’s series of recorded bad-ass affirmations.

We all know success doesn’t mean feeling only confident and positive; it also comes from embracing the inevitable lows.

But few engage with this dichotomy quite like radio professional Tracy Garraud (known as “Tracy G”), the electric, 30-year-old co-host of SiriusXM’s “Sway In The Morning.” G is as committed to celebrating the good days as she is getting intimate with heartbreak and hardship.

“You’ve got to know who you are, both the dark and the light,” she says. “You can’t get rid of either one, but you can choose to know one more than the other.”

And G wants to help other women live that full spectrum.

Her latest project, “She’s Beauty And the Beast,” is a series of audio recordings available for download or streaming that offer empowering reminders on demand. The so-called “audio vision boards” are focused around the ups and downs young women face everyday, like moving on from past mistakes, exploring sex and relationships and committing to physical wellness.

“I’ve seen the power of male camaraderie and how much gets done with that,” she says. “And at some point I realized there’s a very systematic division enforced so women don’t realize how extremely powerful they are. That’s how the boards came to be.”

For as far back as she can remember, Garraud has had positive relationships with women. She went to an all-girls high school, where she learned to value her peers through their most raw, vulnerable moments. She’s close with her mom and “obsessed” with her younger sister.

After college, she got her start in journalism in New York City, writing for publications including Marie Claire, Billboard, Rolling Stone and SPIN. She then became an editor at VIBE. But she was always drawn to the energy of radio.

Three years ago, she complimented a woman on her lipstick, sparking a conversation. That led to an introduction with SiriusXM and ultimately an interview. A year and countless follow-up emails later, G was hired by Eminem’s Shade 45 channel to co-host “Sway in the Morning” with MTV executive producer and hip hop icon Sway Calloway.

“In general, people are not good at following up,” G says. “So don’t discount that tiny bit more effort and don’t get discouraged by a lack of response on the first try. That can be the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.”

As an on-air voice representing the modern, millennial woman, G has a platform to explore her many layers – as well as those of her guests, whether singer Erykah Badu, actor-filmmaker Seth Rogan or porn star Mary Jean.

With signature energy, she weaves through topics from sex to spirituality, always seeking to “ignite thoughts in listeners, and maybe even crack some of their own ignorance or judgment.” In living up to that mandate, she prefers to call herself a radio “edutainer” rather than a personality.

“Everyone has a voice, and everyone has a personality,” she says. “So why is it that only some people get a Capital P?”

“She’s Beauty and the Beast” grew out of a suggestion from preacher Joel Osteen, to write down 10 positive affirmations and repeat them aloud. To make the exercise more accessible, she recorded the affirmations. And at the urging of a friend, she decided to share them with other women who might benefit from the powerful doses of inspiration. The feedback was so positive that she’s now at work on an album, to be released early 2016.

“I try to look at life as if there’s always a pot of gold outside of my comfort zone,” she says. “Women are the vessels of life. We can spring back from a painful experience to create miracles. We are resilient and we freakin’ deserve it.”

Listen to some of Tracy’s audio vision boards below and check out the full library on She’s Beauty and the Beast.

Writer Jessica WeissJessica Weiss is a Miami-based writer. She spent the last four years traveling through South America, writing for publications including The New York Times, Fast Company and Ms. Magazine. Follow her on Twitter @jessweiss1.

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