Your Guide To Monthly Budgeting

An Easy-to-Follow Monthly Budgeting Guide -
Get wise about spending and reach your financial goals with this plan from expert Catey Hill.

Let’s be honest: One of the best things about making your own money is spending your own money, but blindly dishing out your hard-earned paycheck is not a sustainable life plan. Ready to take hold of your finances? We tapped financial expert Catey Hill for her advice on smart spending. The result is this easy-to-follow monthly budgeting strategy.

This savings plan is based on the average salary for women age 25 to 33 and its guidelines reflect take home pay after taxes. (Freelancers, don’t forget to put aside estimated tax!)


Monthly Spending Guide -
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And here’s what you could have in retirement savings by age 65, assuming you put the money into an interest-bearing account (if you are yet to make financial plans for your future, during retirement, this website can help you with some of the decisions involved – Choosing the right retirement account is important so it’s best that you’re equipped with as much information as possible in order to make informed choices.):


Retirement Savings -

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