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These female-run podcasts will inspire, uplift and help you get in the zone.

Looking to glean some technical know-how that will motivate you in your career? These shows feel like a throwback to the cozy days of radio and they sprinkle in super-smart bits of mentorship along the way.

Being Boss

Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson run this must-listen for entrepreneurs. They’re funny, down-to-earth and real, offering concrete takeaways on topics like how to increase sales and streamline your processes. In one episode, they break down how they tackled their own tanking blog metrics. These genius ladies tell you the truth in a kind and empowering way.


This weekly show dishes out smart life hacks from hosts Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft. Whether it’s cleaning out your desk junk drawer or getting along better with those around you, Happier is an easy listen that will give you a bit more joy throughout your workday.

Girlboss Radio

Sophia Amoruso leads weekly interviews with female bosses that have made a mark in their industry. Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge, Melissa Ben-Ishay of Baked By Melissa and Charlize Theron are just some of her former guests. Sophia’s wit and humor make the show both informative and entertaining, like chatting with a friend over coffee.

Why Not Now?

Heavy-hitters like Mark Cuban and Julie Foudy sit down with host Amy Jo Martin and discuss why “now” is the best time to follow your passion. The show is majorly inspirational because you’re hearing how entrepreneurs went from their garages to boardrooms and started making things happen.

Writer Claire SwinarskiClaire Swinarski is a writer and Wisconsin Badger living in Milwaukee. She’s written for The Washington Post, Seventeen, Good Housekeeping and numerous other publications. She’s probably drinking coffee right now.

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