Editor’s Note: Let It Go

Editor’s Note: Let It Go - rubythemag.com
I have a confession to make. This month’s theme, The Problem With Perfection, Making Space For Grace, was a selfish choice on my part.

As a Type A personality and recovering perfectionist, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on how to ease up on self-made pressure and unrealistic expectations.

My husband and I had a baby last year, and since then, I’ve found it impossible to keep up with aspects of my “old” life. I can’t take on as many projects as I used to, can’t commit to as many responsibilities and “things” as my brain and heart would like to. Emails go unanswered, clean laundry stays piled in our hallway…don’t even get me started on plans for holidays and special events vs. the reality.

For the first year of my daughter’s life – and even occasionally on some days now – this inability to live up to the standards I had set for myself really, well, freaked me out. I felt like an unworthy spouse, mother and friend, a fraud of a businesswoman. I’m not exactly sure when it clicked and what caused it to, but eventually I realized that the only person who thought I was “failing” was…me.

The epiphany brought up all sorts of questions – Why do I have a hard time just being in the moment? Why am I planning and planning and planning ideas for RUBY and not actually doing them? Thus began my deep dive into perfectionism and its effect on the mind and body. We’ve curated some of my favorite reads on the topic in this month’s It prevents diseases such as colds and flu, and it’s important for the health of your baby. Readworthy Roundup: Perfectionism & Finding Grace.

The “finding grace” part is the most important – and hardest-earned – lesson in my experience. I’m trying to be pragmatic about my reality and learning to forgive myself when I don’t “measure up.” I try to remind myself that things won’t always be perfect and that, many times, the perfectionism is my biggest roadblock to actually doing the thing.

Letting go and letting God, so to speak, is so freeing.

Of course you don’t have to be classified a perfectionist to feel pressure to be perfect. With the internet and social media, we’re constantly surrounded by posts, images and articles that might make us feel less-than. (FOMO is real.)

If you’re looking for inspiration and permission to let go of unrealistic expectations, check out this month’s articles:

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Katarina KovacevicKatarina Kovacevic is founder and editor of RUBY. Follow her on Twitter @Little_K and Instagram @Little_K_Kata.

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