Readworthy Roundup: Perfectionism & Finding Grace

Readworthy Roundup: Perfectionism & Finding Grace -
Our editor’s top reads on this month’s editorial theme, published on our favorite websites and dropped into an easy-to-navigate summary – with links! – just for you.
Eight Signs Your Perfectionism Is Out Of Control

What if we could shift our mindsets from The Perfectionist to that of The Optimalist? Doing so will make you “more flexible, resilient and adaptive” in the pursuit of your goals, says this article by Travis Bradberry.

The Psychological Benefits And Drawbacks Of Perfectionism

Whether we categorize perfectionist behavior as “good” or “bad” depends a lot on psychological and sociological circumstances. And, yes, there are cultural benefits to perfectionist behavior.

Perfectionism Actually Holds You Back. Here Are 8 Ways To Let Go

An informative overview of “The Perfectionist’s Dilemma” and easy, actionable ways to push through for balance. Hint: We need to learn to live in the present.

I Want To Punch Perfection In The Face

This series of honest (and kind) advice to ward off negative perfectionist behavior from minimalist lifestyle expert Courtney Carver also includes some sound guidance from famous authors and entrepreneurs.

Living With, And Loving, Your Imperfect Life

Letting go of being the “perfect” role model, loosening those strict expectations of yourself and others, and addressing your own inner critic…all while discovering (and enjoying!) a new-found resilience.

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  1. […] The epiphany brought up all sorts of questions – Why do I have a hard time just being in the moment? Why am I planning and planning and planning ideas for RUBY and not actually doing them? Thus began my deep dive into perfectionism and its effect on the mind and body. We’ve curated some of my favorite reads on the topic in this month’s Readworthy Roundup: Perfectionism & Finding Grace. […]

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