Inspiring a Sense of Adventure in Everyday Life

Subtle shifts in our daily routines can help us revel in fresh experiences and find inspiration in the ordinary.

We all crave adventure. Even for quiet hearts and homebodies, our souls still call for freedom and weightlessness. We scroll through Instagram, jealously hitting ‘like’ as our friends trek through Nepal or jet set to Paris.

The all-too-popular hashtag of #adventure garners images of people selling all their possessions, quitting their jobs and leaving behind the 9-to-5 grind to travel the world. But we don’t have to give up our lives to experience these grand voyages. Learning how to infuse a sense of adventure in your own community and daily routine is a great way to sustain wonderment and reverence for the world around you without burning out.

Lindsay Farrer knows all about cultivating adventure. She’s the owner and lead designer of Simon & Ruby, a jewelry line inspired by wanderlust. Catering to free spirits, Farrer’s job is to find inspiration in the everyday. She’s sharing some of her best tips for transforming your regular routine into more soul-filling journeys.

Follow Your Curiosity

What do you wonder about? As you walk your dog or jog over your lunch hour, be aware of the questions, thoughts, and curiosities that enter your mind. Be conscious of what you’re doing and what surrounds you. What if you took another route to work, and stopped along the way to read a few pages of your latest book? What if you took the time to chat with someone you see everyday, but never connected with before?

“Pull over when you find something interesting, wander back alleys, take a different path and discover an epic view,” says Lindsay. “Soak it in, breathe deep, and click a mental snapshot of how you feel in that moment.”

Carry a journal with you just for recording your discoveries. Grab a camera and start snapping pictures from new perspectives. When you’re feeling down and stuck in a rut, these creative-minded activities allow your brain the freedom to remind yourself that adventure is everywhere.

Explore Your City

You don’t need a train ticket or passport to see beauty. Check your local media for events you’ve never been to, or spend your Saturday morning brunching al fresco at a new restaurant.

“Pick a neighborhood in your city and spend an afternoon getting know it,” says Lindsay. “Pop in shops you’ve never visited, have a picnic in a park, people watch, stroll through a local museum or gallery. Have dessert in that cute little ice cream shop you always pass by, but never stopped in. Go for a hike, rent a canoe and spend the day on the river.”

Your city has hidden gems to offer, you just have to seek them out.

Discover Within Driving Distance

Map out cities, sites and scenes within driving distance. Day trips will give you the expansive feeling of the open road, letting you break free from ordinary distractions. Make a playlist full of music that moves you, and don’t forget to stop by roadside diners, highway signs and gorgeous landscape. Take your time — you aren’t in a rush to get anywhere. Enjoy the scenery and conversation with your travel buddy, or make a solo trip to get to know yourself better.

Find Adventure In The Ordinary

“Add in a little extra time for an adventure when you’re running errands,” says Lindsay. “If you have to head across town for a meeting, meet up with a friend and explore a new area.”

You can switch up your normal to-do by shopping at the farmer’s market instead of the grocery store, or deciding to ditch the drive-through for more personal interactions.

Stay Open

“Having an open mind and open heart is the key to a great adventure,” says Lindsay. “I’m a huge fan of having a plan, but sometimes the best adventures are when you set out with a loose idea.”

When our schedules are so full of certainty, we don’t leave room for self-discovery. The goal isn’t just to see something new or experience something novel. The best adventures reveal something about yourself – your interests, resilience, compassion, or gratitude.

Stay Free

We need room and space to explore. Chained to our desks and our to-dos, we’ll likely never see anything but a blinking screen. Try to schedule space around your errands, meetings and commitments to roam. While you don’t need to know the time and place for every new adventure, you do need to bring the intention into your everyday.

Jessica Willingham is a copywriter for creatives and brands. She helps small business owners organize and share their ideas, so they can grow their dreams and make more money. Jessica co-owns Rarest Fortune, a branding studio. Find her on Instagram @jesswcreative.


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