Readworthy Roundup: Finding Excitement In The Everyday

Readworthy Roundup: Finding Inspiration in the Everyday -
Our editor’s top reads on this month’s editorial theme, published on our favorite websites and dropped into an easy-to-navigate summary – with links! – just for you.
Podcast Episode #31 // How to Make The Daily Grind Dreamy

Even when you’ve landed your dream job, the day-to-day can be far from glamorous. In this Being Boss podcast, the pros are dishing out ways to make the daily grind a little more exciting.

Cultivating a Sense of Adventure: Saying Yes to Your Life

Adventure isn’t limited to climbing mountains and deep sea diving – it can be the day-in and day-out we’ve come to see as just “going through the motions.” In this article from I Choose Brave, we learn that adventure can come from anywhere, even for stay-at-home moms with four kids running around.

5 Elements of Adventure: Authenticity, Purpose, Inspiration

When we come to realize that adventure is not only physical but mindful as well, our lives begin to open up and expand as we learn to recognize that adventure blooms from our attitudes and blossoms in our lifestyle choices.

How to Turn Everyday Life into an Adventure

If you take the time to create adventure, you’ll see that every day can be filled with new sights, fresh perspectives and even a newly found love of thy self. It’s all a matter of mindfulness and a thirst for new experiences.

How to Add a Sense of Adventure to Your Everyday Life

Backyard forts, solar powered fairy lights, candles and fires. Incorporate some or all of these into your life and you’ve got yourself an experience that’s just the right bit of extraordinary.

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