What Did Flappers Want? You May Want To Ask A Millennial

What Did Flappers Want? You May Want to Ask a Millennial - rubythemag.com
From their gadgets to their prolonged adolescence, young cosmopolitan women are surprisingly close in sensibility to “girls” of a century ago.

In its September issue, Smithsonian Magazine takes a fascinating look at flappers, the women of the Roaring Twenties who defied convention, comparing them to the young cosmopolitan women of today. Notorious for their lightheartedness, flappers were seen as a version of the “new woman” – someone who fought for her independence, equality in her relationship and at her job, and, of course, parity on a political and sociological level. How are today’s women influenced by these historical figures? Read Smithsonian‘s article for an interesting perspective: Flappers Took The Country By Storm, But Did They Ever Truly Go Away.

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