Readworthy Roundup: Share These Links With Your Girlfriends

Readworthy Roundup: Share These Links With Your Girlfriend -
Our editor’s top reads on this month’s editorial theme, published on our favorite websites and dropped into an easy-to-navigate summary – with links! – just for you.
Do Women-Only Networking Groups Help Or Hurt Female Entrepreneurs?

The short answer is…they help. And they help a lot. Women don’t call it “networking,” they call it “building a community” and when we come together to build community, great things happen for all of us.

Importance Of Female Friends (Especially In College)

“Viewing women as potential lifetime connections instead of the opposition is just healthier.” How often have girlfriends been your lifeline? Made sure you got home safely, taken your kids when you needed a break?

Call Your Girlfriend Podcast

Anyone who’s ever had a long-distance best friend will understand the value of a good phone call. Heads up: Episodes get political – and not in favor of the current administration – so skip if that bugs you.

The Romance of Women’s Friendships

A review of You’re The Only One I Can Tell: Inside The Language Of Women’s Friendships by Deborah Tannen, in which she explores the way women of all ages, races and economic backgrounds interact with one another.

Women’s Friendships, In Sickness And In Health

Can you tell we’re obsessed with this book? This article by Tannen is a personal deep dive into one aspect of You’re The Only One I Can Tell – what happens when women show up, or don’t, for their friends in difficult times.

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