Readworthy Roundup: It’s Time To Give Up Some Things (Really)

Readworthy Roundup: Doing Away with the Unnecessary -
Our editor’s top reads on this month’s editorial theme, published on our favorite websites and dropped into an easy-to-navigate summary – with links! – just for you.
8 Things Really Efficient People Do

From learning to delegate to developing a structured schedule, this insightful piece on efficiency provides some excellent tools for those individuals craving more time to do what they love. Get out your planner and take some notes.

Bye, 2017! What To Leave Behind In The New Year

Whether you’re a Libra who needs a more intentional 2018, or a Sagittarius who takes on too much, this article sheds interesting astrological light on which unhealthy habits each sign should nix and which to take into this New Year.

Mindfulness 101 With Neuroscientist, Artist And Meditation Guide Nkechi Njaka

Ready to inject more purposeful living into the every day? In this episode, Nkechi Njaka focuses on mindfulness practice, the mindful movement, and integrated mindfulness through daily activities.

The 3 Dangers Existing On Your To-Do List + How To Get Rid Of Them And Still Get A Lot Done

To-do lists are meant to provide motivational clarity and organization, right? But, what if we told you that they can actually do more harm than good? Read what author and life coach Katie Lee has to say, plus her tips on a more fulfilling to-do list. 

A Professional Organizer Shares 9 Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Professional organizer Lanye Brookshire helps us declutter and explains how having a “Command Center” in your home can make your life a little bit easier.

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