Editor’s Note: Women Whose Work Kicks My Ass Into Gear

Editor’s Note: Women Whose Work Kicks My Ass Into Gear - rubythemag.com
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I’d be lying if I said that I never fall victim to the comparison trap. If I’m being honest, it happens on the daily. But this year I’m making an effort to turn those feelings of envy into real motivation.

Rather than comparing my work to that of others, I’m finding inspiration in their successes and siphoning out ways to turn their career wins into personal and professional lessons. There are many, many women that I admire in life and work. Here are just a few – many of which, coincidentally, are doing big things in partnership with other women, go figure!

Alaina Kaczmarski & Danielle Moss, The Everygirl Media Group

I’m a longtime reader of The Everygirl and practically jumped out of my seat when I heard the news that Alaina and Danielle are launching The Everymom this spring, which is more in line with the current season of my life. More than that, though, I’m impressed and inspired by the way these women were able to turn their blogging hobby into a digital media powerhouse.

Recently, I listened to their separate interviews on Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger podcast and was surprised to learn that, like me, Alaina is a high school and college journalism geek who always dreamed of a career in publishing.

Brandie Gilliam, Thoughtfully Magazine

I’ll be forever grateful to Brandie for the moving and candid perspective she offered in our mindful holidays article last year. I’m now a lifelong fan of Thoughtfully, a sustainable wellness and self-care magazine that you can buy online or at Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods Market and Anthropologie. (Here’s a link for a direct subscription.)

What I find most motivating about Brandie and Thoughtfully is the way it empowers all women to make their own choices about mindful living and self-love. The content is informative and approachable, and the design is beautifully curated and inclusive.

Jamie Sigler & Sarah Evans, J Public Relations

These two college sorority sisters have built one of the country’s top public relations agencies from the ground up. Their reach spans six continents with offices in San Diego, New York City, Los Angeles and London. And, let’s not forget: Jamie and Sarah employ 64 women whose job perks include 16 weeks of maternity leave, out-of-office teambuilding trips, and plenty of generous financial perks.

I think it’s easy to look at women like these two and assume their success happened overnight, but this recent feature in Inc. magazine gives a great look at what the ride has really been like.

Gabi Gregg & Nicolette Mason, Premme

I first met Nicolette on a work trip years ago and was immediately struck by her – a bubbly and kind personality with razor-sharp wit and the ability to carry on insightful conversation about almost anything.

She’s worked hard to carve out her niche in the style and media spaces, most recently partnering with longtime BFF Gabi Gregg on the launch of Premme, a plus size clothing collection with bold fashion-forward statement pieces. Their line is fun and beautiful, but more importantly, Nicolette and Gabi are creating, leading and nurturing a community of women who for too long have felt boxed-in by unrealistic expectations.

Jessica Lauren, No Real Jewelry

If you haven’t listened to Jessica’s interview all about rejection and resilience on the Being Boss podcast, do it now. The actor and Chicago lifestyle blogger talks all about being real and vulnerable online, and how she finds purpose in her work by mixing the professional with the personal.

What struck me about Jessica is the way she forged her own path to fulfillment and took the bumps, hurdles and roadblocks, and turned them into honest motivation. It’s apparent by her interview and work that she’s crazy-smart and has a lot to say. I admire not just her entrepreneurial journey, but also the way she stands in her truth.

Brittney Hogan & Chanel Sonego, Dames Collective

When Brittney and Chanel first approached me about RUBY and Dames Collective working together, I knew I had to jump at the chance. I love everything that Dames Collective does to inspire women leaders and entrepreneurs, but I’m especially motivated by the way that they’ve created and grown the networking organization as a true partnership.

These women live and breathe the motto, “collaboration over competition.” Brittney’s also one of the experts in our feature article, A Case For Healthy Competition Among Women, where she offers up some truly honest and empowering advice.

Julie Wampler, Table for Two

Once upon a time I had the great pleasure of restaurant-hopping all around Scottsdale, Ariz. with Julie – whose simple, healthy and delicious cooking philosophy has saved my weeknight meal plan more than once. When we first connected, Julie was just about to release her first cookbook. Since then, she’s attended the 2014 White House Kids’ State Dinner hosted by Michelle Obama, developed recipes for The Food Network and launched her very own cookbook club.

One thing I really admire about Julie’s drive is that she’s a self-taught food photographer whose skills were a natural build-up alongside her blogging career.

Who is that one woman who’s just killing it in your field that really inspires you?
Tell me in the comments below! I’m always looking for powerhouse role models.
This month’s editorial theme is all about healthy female competition.
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