Readworthy Roundup: Find Inspiration In Others’ Success

Readworthy Roundup: Find Inspiration In Others' Success -
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Our editor’s top reads on this month’s editorial theme, published on our favorite websites and dropped into an easy-to-navigate summary – with links! – just for you.
How to Use Career Competition to Your Advantage

From dropping your resentment to choosing to learn from your competitors, this insightful piece provides some excellent advice on how to use competition to your advantage, rather than succumbing to unhelpful and unhealthy feelings of inferiority.

The Truth About Female Rivalry in the Workplace – And What to Do About It

Detaching emotionally, finding a mentor and working on building your confidence are just a few of the ways this article from Fairygodboss – one of our favorite women’s organizations! – encourages us to avoid toxic interactions in the workplace.

One Simple Thing You Can Do to Support Women in 2018? Read Their Books

This has been a big year for women – and it’s only March. Let’s continue spreading awareness and love for our fellow females’ work. Here’s a list of reads for making the movement even stronger.

Why Other People’s Success Should Inspire Rather Than Discourage You

When you haven’t quite met your biggest goals, it can be easy to sink into envy and discouragement. Rather than take on a negative internal dialogue, this inspiring piece from Elite Daily sheds some light on the importance of meeting others’ successes with positivity.

How To Genuinely Celebrate Other’s Success With Kate Shelerud

This inspiring podcast is the reality check we didn’t know we needed. From learning how to use your gifts to the importance of finding true community, listen as Jenna Kutcher and her sister, Kate Shelerud, dive deep into all of the positivity that comes from celebrating others’ successes without questioning your own.

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