A Roundup Of Reads To Help You Stay Mindful This Thanksgiving

A Roundup Of Reads To Help You Stay Mindful This Thanksgiving - rubythemag.com
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Before the rush of the holiday season hits full-force, give yourself the time and space to check in on what’s truly important – for you! – in life and work.

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, so we thought it a good time to remind everyone that it’s OK to slow down and shun the mad rush, if that’s what you’re into. Here are some of our most popular articles about how to stay mindful throughout the holiday season:

Editor’s Note: Rethinking The Holidays

As Thanksgiving approaches, a case for letting go of unrealistic expectations (her own and others’) and zeroing in on what really matters, by our editor, Katarina Kovacevic.

Practicing Mindfulness During The Holiday Season

Booze-filled gatherings, work parties and hectic travel – the holidays are a special kind of chaos, but you can stay calm with some conscious effort.

Want To Be Happy? Be Thankful.

One of our favorite TEDTalks is the perfect kickstart to your Thanksgiving holiday – a simple and uplifting perspective from monk and interfaith scholar, Brother David Steindl-Rast.

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