Perspectives: Natalie Walstein of Soulshine Astrology

Perspectives: Natalie Walstein of Soulshine Astrology -
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After a life-threatening wake-up call, this spiritual entrepreneur felt called to combine what she calls her “soul work” with an innate desire to help others.

If you’ve ever cracked open a magazine or clicked onto a website to read your horoscope, you’re at least somewhat familiar with the art and science of astrology. But this philosophy is about so much more than just a daily or weekly forecast, or even a method of explaining a specific personality trait and why people act the way they do. Career astrologer and owner of purchase Lyrica online purchase Lyrica online Soulshine Astrology, Natalie Walstein, is the perfect case in point.

Blending ancient astrological guidance with modern, down-to-earth career coaching, Natalie helps creative entrepreneurs discover their true calling, arming them with the tools and practical steps that they need in order to make their career dreams a reality. Through her one-on-one career coaching sessions and birth chart reports, as well as a weekly podcast called The Cosmic Calling, Natalie is opening hearts and minds up to what’s truly possible.

I’m a huge fan of your podcast and work over at Soulshine Astrology! For those who aren’t familiar with your field, how would you describe what you do? And,what’s the purpose behind your passion?

I’m a career astrologer, which is a fancy way of saying that I’m one-part astrological counselor and one-part career coach. I harness the ancient wisdom of astrology and add a modern twist, helping creative souls in need of direction to align who they really are with the work they were always born to do. I do this partly by using the exact date, time and location of their birth.

It has always really bothered me to see people stuck in jobs that they hate, when they have so many other special skills or opportunities and interests that are going unused. Many people feel pressure to simply pay the bills and to try to fit in and be like everybody else. In reality, people who genuinely love what they do often end up making way more money because they’ve learned to believe in themselves.

I truly believe that we were all born to do great things to help the world in our own special way. Your astrology chart provides the blueprint to help you see what that is. Imagine a world where everyone honored themselves and who they really are deep down, and used the work they were literally wired to be the best at in order to help others! This is the world I’m aiming to create through my work.

That sounds really inspiring! I’m curious, though: How does one get to the point of becoming a career astrologer? Share with us a little bit about your path to your current work.

I have always been interested in astrology and horoscopes, as well as spirituality in general, for as long as I can remember. But it took me until age 26 to realize that it was actually a viable career option.

Before that, I was a graphic designer running my own branding studio that specialized in helping female entrepreneurs around the world pursue their business dreams. I knew that I would be a graphic designer since I was about 8 years old. I loved the idea of helping others to believe in their dreams and championing the idea that you can make money doing what you love – because that was something that I desperately wanted for myself, too.

It wasn’t until I was 25, when I moved to Hawaii and my dream life turned into a total nightmare, that everything changed. I almost died from a fatal illness (which triggered an intense spiritual awakening), broke off a seven-year relationship, went bankrupt from not being able to work while I was sick, and completely surprised myself by realizing that my heart wasn’t in design anymore. I felt called to go beyond reading my horoscope and to seriously study my astrology chart in search of answers.

Amazingly, my chart showed that I was meant to be helping others on a deeper spiritual level. By not doing so, I was missing something that was integral to my being. I sometimes wonder if that’s the real reason why I had gotten so sick – because I was constantly hiding that intuitive, spiritual side of myself that was already there. Deep down, I wasn’t honoring it.

By going on to study astrology under many top teachers in the field, I realized that I was surprisingly very good at it and, intuitively, I understood it on a deep level. That kind of freaked me out!I also realized that I never felt happier and more alive than when I was reading the charts of my friends, family and anyone who would let me.

I started to come up with my own theories and ideas that would help me distinguish myself from other astrologers, so I knew it was definitely the right path for me to pursue. I decided to combine my experience of encouraging people to go after careers that they love with my skills in astrology, so I started Soulshine Astrology in August 2016.

And once you had the idea in incubation, how did you make it a reality? What was the initial step to going from idea to actual business?

I started off by reading the astrology charts of literally everyone that I knew. There were a lot of tears from my friends and family who said that my readings were spot on, and that they had never felt so seen. I was overjoyed that they felt that way – and also that they didn’t think I was totally weird because that was a big fear for me in moving into a “woo” field.

So, with that confidence and experience under my belt, I reached out and did a few free readings for complete strangers in a Facebook group so that I could collect testimonials for my sales page. I’m very lucky in that I already had a strong foundation in building, designing and marketing online businesses over the previous five years. I used that knowledge and expertise to get myself out there. Combined with a deep desire to be of service to others, my business has grown organically ever since.

That’s a smart move – leveraging your personal contacts to practice and hone your craft. So, since then, what would you say has been your biggest challenge or lesson as a spiritual entrepreneur?

The funny thing about doing work that you really love is that you don’t want to stop. I love being of service and doing this work so much, that I tend to pile way too many tasks on my plate at once!My ideas seem to come to me way faster than I can realistically execute them. I have trouble slowing down and pacing myself because I get so excited.

I’ve learned, through multiple bouts of burnout, how to continually set and refine my boundaries and schedule, but it’s always a work in progress. I still fall into feelings of intense overwhelm from time to time. When that happens, having supportive relationships with friends,family and healers really helps me to find balance, and look at the bigger picture. I know now that I do my best work when I am feeling my best, so I’m always working on making that a priority.

Is there anything you wish you’d known at the start of your career journey?

My success so far has come from being the real me. I always felt like there was something different about me when I was trying to fit in with a certain crowd or image, or portray my business in a way that I thought others wanted to see. That never felt quite right. When I used my astrology chart as a guide for how to align with my own authentic energy field, and use the person I already am and what I am naturally good at to my advantage, everything changed! Now, I get to be the real me. It’s so much easier that way and more fun, too.

I’ve also learned that my work is not even really about me. I used to be very shy and introverted, and would never in a million years believe you if you had told me that I would be on video calls every day helping people with their deepest, darkest issues…or that I would have a podcast or a YouTube channel. I was so self-conscious. But it’s through seeing my work truly help others that I learned how to get out of my own way. I don’t care if I look or sound perfect all the time.

That’s the perfect note to end on, thank you! Last question before we go: What’s yet to come for you and Soulshine Astrology, and how can RUBY readers stay informed?

Making my podcast, Od tego kiedy rozmawiamy o niepozostanie na skrzynię, skrzynię chciwie kieruję po dwóch spolu. Od tego kiedy rozmawiamy o niepozostanie na skrzynię, skrzynię chciwie kieruję po dwóch spolu. The Cosmic Calling, is currently my favorite thing aside from doing career sessions with my clients. However, I’m also feeling called to write books that make career astrology more mainstream and easier for people to access. So,that’s my next big focus. You can learn more about my work on my website or by following along on Instagram. Or, listen to The Cosmic Calling podcast on iTunes, Spotify or Google Play.

Katarina Kovacevic is founder and editor of RUBY. Follow her on Instagram @Little_K_Kata.

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