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Women Working Together: Entreprenista Podcast - rubythemag.com
Stephanie Abrams Cartin and Courtney Spritzer get real about what it’s like to start and scale a business, with stories from women who have done it.
What is The Entreprenista podcast all about?

http://www.tecnosolo.com.br/212-dte38654-why-people-use-dating-sites.html Stephanie Abrams Cartin (SAC): The Entreprenista Podcast is the best business meeting you’ll ever have! When my business partner, Courtney, and I quit our corporate jobs to focus on our side hustle, we leaned on mentors and other female business owners to help us answer all of the questions we didn’t know how to at the time. We are always so inspired by other female founders and business leaders, and wanted to create a podcast that gets into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to start and run a business.

How did the two of you first connect and how did that turn into a working relationship?

justly SAC: We met in a Miami hotel room through a mutual friend who is also an entrepreneur and we became fast friends. We bonded over our interest in social media and partnered to do social strategies for small businesses on the side of our full-time jobs. I was also doing a little bit of stock trading (learn more now at TradeZero) to make some extra cash too. I knew that starting a business wouldn’t be cheap so stock trading seemed like a great option for me. I was so motivated to make money that I was working 14 hours a day. It was totally worth it though. When we took the leap of faith to work on building this business, we decided our best strategy was to divide and conquer. I had a background in sales and marketing, and Courtney had great financial and operational skills.

Awesome! And then what was the leap from that into The Entreprenista like?

casual dating de arafo SAC: Our idea was born out of our shared passion for social media and our interest in how brands were starting to utilize the platforms. We’ve learned that social media is always evolving and something different is always available for users to incorporate into their own accounts. We learnt a little more about the power of influencers (find out more about what an influencer marketing agency can do for you here) and started putting lots of effort into social media. So, it was essential that we were aware of what was new and different. On our journey, we found that a lot of users have used certain growth services to help them to gain more exposure to their profile. It seems that most use nitreo as their preferred site. And that’s fine, if this helps them to get more clicks to their account, then so be it. This was a good starting place in helping us to find out how brands were making the most out of the platforms. For almost a year, we worked nights and weekends on the side of our full-time jobs and mutually quit our jobs on the same day in May of 2011 to focus on building the agency. The idea for the podcast came from our Facebook Live show, SocialLIVE! We expanded the show, and started interviewing other entrepreneurs and influencers and realized that the 10-15 minutes wasn’t enough time to really get into their story. We decided to end the show in October to focus on developing the podcast.

What would you say has been your biggest challenge thus far and your biggest lesson?

foreknowingly SAC: I wouldn’t call it a challenge necessarily, but there is so much to research before starting a podcast and understanding it as a medium for content. Our biggest success has been the conversations we’ve had so far and the incredible women we’ve been able to meet. Our biggest failure is really our most valuable lesson, and that’s to leave negativity at the door. There is always a way to figure out a situation and having a can’t-do attitude won’t get you far in business.

Cool! Finally, what’s yet to come for The Entreprenista and how can RUBY readers keep up?

SAC: Be on the lookout for more amazing episodes with Entreprenistas from a number of different industries. We also recently launched an Entreprenista Facebook community, so we can all connect, and help each other learn and grow. You can follow us on social media @entreprenistas or @socialfly.

Katarina Kovacevic is founder and editor of RUBY. Follow her on Instagram @Little_K_Kata.

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